For home buyers and sellers today, there are many green home certifications as well as options to make existing homes greener. But what makes the most sense for you and your family? What will benefit your health and comfort as well as your budget? With extensive education on what makes homes healthier and more energy and resource efficient, I can help identify green ratings and certifications to address your specific needs and concerns. In addition, I have a network of trusted service professionals who can implement green upgrades that may ultimately increase the efficiency of your home. After all, a home that is green is a home that can help save you green.


As a Green Designee, I can help you:

  • Market and sell your green certified home or home with green features.

  • Identify green features and upgrades that offer the best payback period.

  • Connect with industry professionals who can facilitate green upgrades.

  • Identify ways to improve your home's energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

  • Take advantage of available tax credits and incentives.



I am so honored and proud to announce that I was awarded the 2017 Green Genius Selling Broker of the Year Award. 

Being a part of the Built Green community is very important to me, as it is important for the future of Real Estate and new construction. Focusing much of my business on getting clients into Built Green homes has been incredibly rewarding. 

For me, it's not only about the environmental impact and sustainability aspects, but also about the homes providing clean and healthy living environments, and the efficiencies which translate into lower costs to operate the home.